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AIRBRIO - Advert
One of our latest clients was SmartAir Medical Ltd.

AIRBRIO is a revolutionary device that allows asthma sufferers to monitor and to optimise the inhalation of their medicine.

STICK TOGETHER is a short film made in collaboration with Ballymagroarty Hazelbank Community Partnership, Policing and Community Safety Partnerships, Youth Reach and BBC Children in Need as a tool to educate the whole community, but in particular young people 12-20yo, about some of the dangers related to substance abuse.
In this instance, we talked to young men from a less privileged background to find out about their experiences and fears and they all expressed concern around being under the influence when on their own.
This film was inspired by those conversations.
LEGAL HIGHS NI - Documentary
This documentary was made in collaboration with Ballymagroarty Hazelbank Community Partnership, Policing and Community Safety Partnerships and BBC Children in Need to educate young people aged 12-20yo and their families, about the dangers of the so-called legal highs.
The video gives a voice to individuals that have been affected by the abuse of those substances:

- Karen, a mother who tragically lost her son after he smoked two bags of the synthetic cannabinoid Spice.
- A group of young men who describe the often adverse effects caused by the continuous use of legal highs.
- The Law and what its enforcers witness when dealing with people under the influence.
HIGH LOWS - Short Film
HIGH LOWS tells the story of Arnold, a chronically unemployed man in a world with no jobs. His welfare officer, equally unhappy, takes his frustrations out on colleagues and clients. The confrontations between the two men are about to take an unexpected turn, thanks to a new, musically driven arrival at the unemployment office.

- Cannes Film Festival 2014 Film Market

- Honorable Mention Santa Monica Independent Film Festival 2014

- Official Selection Oregon Underground Film Festival 2014

- Official Selection Sacramento International Film      Festival 2014